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Kewaunee Historical Jail Museum

Built in 1876, this building which housed the sheriff's family, his office, and the six cells in the jail section, was designed by the renowned architect from Oshkosh, William Waters.

Mr. Waters also designed some of the original buildings for the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Today, the building houses the donated collections of the Kewaunee County Historical Society. Two of the rooms in the residence section are restored to the early 1800’s and show a typical parlor and bedroom scene. The others rooms have been converted to house the collections of people from across Kewaunee county including the vast and varied collection of Edward Decker who is considered to be the founder of Kewaunee County.

The jail section has one cell in its original configuration with its straw-filled mattress and thin blanket. The steel walls and cold concrete floor make for an uninviting place to linger. The cagelike doors, with the strap-steel weave, remind one of the dungeons in old movies.

A must see for anyone interested in history. The museum is located at 613 Dodge Street, next to the Kewaunee County Courthouse.

Kewaunee Historic Jail Museum
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