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PharmHouse Cafe & Market

One of the missions of the PharmHouse Cafe and Market is to help people learn lifestyle changes. We want to help people recognize that lifestyle changes do involve some sacrifice and commitment, but these changes can be done in a way that is fun and tasty.
The Cafe menu includes whole food smoothies and juices -- an easy, quick way to get a boatload of nutrients with a ton of flavor. We offer a fresh salad bar - stocked with local and organic vegetables. Salads are available in our “grab and go” space, in addition to overnight oats and energy balls. Sandwiches and soups are made with very fresh ingredients.
Foods have become something that contain more chemicals than the medications people use! Our personal health and the health of our community and environment are all victims of these chemically raised foods. Kewaunee County and the surrounding area have many small and local producers, growing, raising and processing food or food products that will help people make better food choices - food choices that can help people be healthier and happier. The PharmHouse Café and Market is the place to find these items!

PharmHouse Cafe & Market
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