C.D. Besadny Anadromous

N3884 Ransom Moore Lane
Kewaunee, WI 54216

C.D. Besadny Anadromous Fish Facility is located in a secluded area along a quiet stretch of the Kewaunee River.                                  

In fall and spring make sure you stop by to watch trout and salmon struggle up the fish ladders into special holding tanks for spawning. This facility is ran by the Department of Natural Resources. If you stop by on the right day you will see the DNR stripping eggs for the hatchery purpose of the facility.

Take a look at the underwater process from a window installed by the Algoma-Kewaunee Great Lakes Sports Fishermen. Youalso might want to adventure on one of the trails along the river. To get to the facility take Hwy 29 west, turn right on Co. C to Co. F, turn left past Bruemmer Park then turn right on Ransom Moore Lane.

Spawning schedule is as follows:
March-Late April: Spring Steelhead
Late June-Mid October: Summer Stealhead
September-Late November: Chinook Salmon
Mid September-December: Coho Salmon, and Seeforellen Brown Trout

This Process is educational as well as entertaining for all families young and old.

Spirit of the Lakeshore
       "Wisconsin's Best Kept Secret"